Time Really Does Fly By When You Are Having Fun

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I am sure that I have said this once but I must say it again – I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by! It seems like it was just yesterday that I was leaving the Portland airport to begin my journey to London for the IFSA Butler University orientation. I will not dwell on the program (almost) coming to a conclusion quite yet, however I know that I will miss this place and the new friends I have met very dearly. Last week, I went to London again with Greg and Janet (some other International Summer School students), but this time we went to visit the London Eye, which is basically a ferris wheel along the Thames River that gives you 360 degree look of the city. During our day trip, we also went on a river cruise that takes you along the Thames river and back, which included a tour guide who talked about the history of London and pointed out some major landmarks. While on the cruise, we were fortunate enough to see the London bridge and tower.

  With Janet and Greg in the London Eye

I mentioned in my last blog post that I would be visiting the Seven Sisters national park last week and that is exactly what I did! Of course, as promised, I have photographs to show you guys. In these photos you will see a view from the bottom of the famous white sand cliffs and English Channel – the weather was not very warm compared to Brighton because the sun was not out, but it did not rain which is a plus. Although I went by myself because some of the other students bailed, it was a very relaxing day trip that I am glad to have ventured on. On another note regarding follow ups, England did not win their semi-final World Cup game, which was a huge disappointment for many of the fans here. France and Croatia ended up playing in the finals and France actually won the World Cup – Allez les Bleus! 

View of Seven Sister white cliffs

For the final week of my health psychology class there is not much going on other than discussing healthy coping mechanisms after experiencing an illness and working on our big essay. The essay involves writing an argument about health behaviors and finding credible empirical evidence to support your point of view. This is something that I have done in the past for previous psychology courses, so I am looking forward to brushing up on my research writing skills before I submit my undergraduate research thesis later this fall. The British education system is very different than the US, especially with their emphasis on scientific reading/writing and completing research, which is something I strongly value as a prospective neuroscientist. 

Just some cute bunnies you will find on your walk through campus