These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

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With a month of my internship already experienced, I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments.

  1. The very first incident that comes to mind is The Blue Man. When I put this story into writing, it sounds quite fictional, and part of me still questions if it might have been. It was my third day working at the gallery and we had an opening event for an exhibit. A man came in wearing precisely this: a blue jacket, blue pants, blue shoes, a blue hat, blue glasses, and was carrying a blue bag. He brought his iPad with him and asked me to take a photo with him and a specific painting, of course containing the color blue. Eventually at the end, he had taken a photo with every piece in the gallery that had any whisper of blue in it. Then as we were about to part ways, he told me about the law of attraction and to always stay positive if I want positivity in my life, and he instructed me to tell my fellow intern that as well. I did. It was an encounter I was not expecting but one I will not forget.
  2. This favorite part of my internship is rather broad, but it’s a big one. I am treated as more than an intern and it’s been really uplifting. I feel that the work I am doing is important and my bosses always make sure to express their gratitude. They also introduce me as their colleague, which never fails to make me feel good. In movies and on TV, interns are always portrayed as the lowest of the lowest levels and are treated as such. I am so grateful for my placement; I know not all companies run their internships like mine does, and I truly feel blessed. I have already gained so much knowledge and experience and I’m only 1/4 of the way through. Each day is different and I learn something knew.
  3. Another highlight of my internship has been this past week, which was the week of Frieze (a huge art fair in London.) An artist we represent at the gallery had an exhibition at a church quite close to the fair. The gallery needed someone to run things at the church, greeting people and giving information. They emphasized the importance of this week and this task, and they trusted me to do it. I feel thankful for their belief in my capabilities and from the feedback/reactions, I don’t think I let them down.
    Jodie Carey’s installation¬†Stand.

    Me and the art chillin.