The VU Is Very Different From The U of U

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The VU has been feeding my coffee addiction lately because they have cappuccino machines in every corner of the NU building (new building). I’ve taken advantage of this and spent a large portion of my time this week studying there and familiarizing myself with the resources on campus. I’ve focused on studying in my Development and Globalization course as I have found that some of the highlighted themes such as ‘climate coloniality’ to be relevant in developing my personal pedagogy. Although the VU has provided me with the space to investigate new ideas, I definitely have a few criticisms that may come alongside having been a part of the American education system. For instance, I think that the speed at which material is covered in these courses is much faster than it is in Utah. Professors here do not have office hours which has made it difficult to receive clarification for certain concepts, as it requires that I set up a meeting with them on my own time which poses difficulties in overlaps in our schedules.

I have been trying to find a balance between my studies and adventures this week so I decided to finally go to Utrecht with Rachel, Emilee, and Kailee as a way to destress. We saw a windmill there and were able to pet a goat, pig, and hare. It was exciting to go on the train and pass through some green cities we plan to visit later. After our day trip, Rachel and I went to pick up some groceries at Jumbo, the local grocery store, and funnily enough, Harry Styles’ music was playing there once again. We’ve made it our inside joke that every time we go shopping we’ll hear him and that has made my experience settling in here so much more enjoyable. Speaking of Harry, I realized that ‘Love On Tour’ was a year ago and so to commemorate the occasion I listened to his entire album while walking home with Rachel.

My week ended with classic chicken katsu curry from Wagamama, which is a well-known restaurant here in Europe that I’d only ever heard of from Zoella and One Direction. It was lovely and I was so glad I went to give it a try. Apparently, curry is historically popular in Europe and especially in the U.K. so I felt like a true local giving it a try. Next up I want to try Nandos!