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I have not yet begun my study abroad journey, but it will be here …FEBRUARY 1st, 2016! I am going to honest with you I am frightened, I never thought I would say that. Lets discuss WHY? I am from a small town in California raised by my grandparents who had to take me in due to a mother who could not shake the hold drugs had over her life. Moving from California to  Washington D.C. to attend Howard University (The MECCA) was one of the biggest life decisions I’ve made thus far. I’ve been blessed enough to receive a new family while here (The Jones’s) They have taken me in as one of their own, and there oldest daughter happens to be my new found sister, Best friend, and confidant…so you can say I have become very attached to them, campus ministry, and the daily flow of life . WHY would anyone want to let that go…even for two seconds? I had to really get alone with myself and talk to the man upstairs (GOD) and ask for strength for this next BIG Move! HOW did Morocco Rabat come around? Well I have always loved to travel, One trip that impacted this travel mindset is Uganda and Kenya in December 2013 for about three weeks . It was a mission trip with Visiting Orphans and it opened my eyes to the realties of the world. So studying abroad was an opportunity that never not crossed mind. Now it’s here and I’m literally trying to grasp everything that means so much to me before I go…because I am afraid all of the GOOD I’ve been experiencing these past months will not be the same when I get back. Now I understand this is a heavy topic but I’m not sure people write about these initial feelings before departing.

But I feel very encouraged for this journey today…

I remind myself:

I trust in the one who has created me, crippling fear of change will not keep me bound, but his love & promises are what fuel me.He has plans for my life that have already been orchestrated…so what is needed is Trust and Faith in HIM.