The Jordan Museum

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This week in my favorite Hashemite Kingdom, I went to the Jordan Museum. Jordan has a significant and long history and the chance to explore some of it was great. On the bottom floor there is a lot of information on how Jordan has developed over time. There is also interesting demographic information about Jordan and the people that live here. The Dead Sea Scrolls are probably the biggest attraction to the museum but I personally loved the exhibit on the second floor. It was a scientific exhibition exploring the scientific innovations that can trace their lineage back to Muslim inventors. Some of the biggest innovations were made in science and astronomy. The museum has a lot of fun interactive games you can play related to these discoveries. The technical sophistication of some of the exhibits was unexpected and a nice surprise. I highly recommend the museum to anyone traveling to Jordan with some time to kill.

I’m continuing to focus on Arabic but its becoming more and more clear that Arabic is going to take a lot more time if I am to achieve the proficiency level I’d like to. Some students here are incredibly gifted and are able to quickly recognize words and patterns. My envy of them shows no signs of waning. In this coming week, I’ll be visiting The Dead Sea which is one of my favorite places in Jordan. I’ll also be going to Jesus’s Baptism site which I got the chance to see last semester as well.

So far, Jordan continues to be an incredibly welcoming place. Despite being away from home since January, I’m not really homesick. I could easily stay here for a much longer period of time and feel great about it. The hot Hashemite sun is no friend of mine, but all in all, it’s been a great place to live. I have about one month left and I’m trying to see as much as I can with my limited time remaining. I’m definitely going to miss it here.