The Importance of Trying New Things

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Being open to trying new things is crucial for a good study abroad experience. This is one of the best pieces of advice I have learned while I have been in Tanzania, and I believe it is applicable to everyday life back home as well. Since I have been abroad I have had some incredible opportunities to try things I will probably never be able to do again. I have helped the Maasai build mud houses, I have learned how to shoot a Hadzabe longbow, I have tried more foods than I ever anticipated, and I have met some of my favorite people. If you are afraid to try new things you will be missing out on some amazing and life changing opportunities. If someone asks you to try to do something new, and it is not potentially dangerous, just say yes! The worst thing that can happen is that you don’t like it, the best being you gained a new skill, a new friend, or a new perspective. Some of my favorite new things I have tried while abroad include learning how to carve wood, how to jump like the Maasai dancers, how to forage for edible roots while in the bush, and how to cook some new foods. I was really nervous to learn how to dance with the Maasai, especially because it was in front of a group of people, but I tried it anyway. I am not the best at it, and I certainly cannot jump as high, but it was such a fun experience, and a great bonding moment within my cohort. While learning how to cook some traditional dishes I have found some of my new favorite foods, and recipes I am definitely taking home. If you are ever in Tanzania and are offered pilau or samosas you should definitely say yes! I have had the great privilege to see how the different tribes live and work, how local artisans make their crafts, and how families cook their food, and I am so grateful for my opportunity to try such new and amazing things.