The Hunt for the Red Pepperoni

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So, I have been dying to find some forms of American food here in Korea. I had a craving for a slice of pepperoni pizza. Finding a slice of pizza just with pepperoni and cheese is harder than you think. Koreans think it is a good idea to put on crazy toppings and load it up like a pie. They took the meaning of “pizza pie” way to literally. I tried a pizza from the American pizza company, Dominos. It was not very good. The pizza came burned and over cooked with very little pepperoni at a high price.

Monster Pizza

I became very sad and I began to lose hope forever finding a slice of pepperoni pizza until a friend told me about this place that is only open from 4pm-4am. They serve three types of pizza: Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, and Spicy Bacon & Jalapeño Pizza. I went with the classic pepperoni pizza. It was a little slice of heaven and it was something I, at that time gave up on. It was so good!!! If you are ever in Korea, you have to stop by this place if you are missing good old American style pizza.

Price Breakdown:

Pizza Slice Price = 3,500 Won (Roughly $3.00 USD)

Pizza Box Price = 18,000 Won (Roughly $16.00 USD)

Also, the pizza is delicious cold… if you are into that sort of thing. :)