The History of the Printing Press in China

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Today I got a chance to visit where Xiamen Daily is printed. On the outside the building appeared to be a warehouse of some kind. The area surrounding the warehouse looked like it was under construction. Most of the streets that I had seen in China were “developing” so this was a sight I had become used to seeing.

We entered the warehouse-like building and the strong smell of machines and gears rubbing took over my senses. Then as we turned the corner I understood why. This was in fact is the place that the papers are printed.

As we stood in amazement of the giant machinary the gears started to turn and a loud noise rang throughout the building. It started to print papers faster and faster. I remember thinking “oh so this is how it all works!” We took as many pictures as we wanted from a safe distance then proceeded upstairs.

I had no clue upstairs was a mueusm that gave the history of Chinese style printing press. Unfortunatly our tour guide did not speaking English so our professor tried his best to give us a very brief overview of each stages of printing.

I wandered off and read some of the information that had been written in English. I learned the history had so many similarities between the history of the western inventon and use of the printing press and the use in China.

As a journalist I appreciate the finished product of a newspaper, but now I truly appreciate the steps in getting there. Its so cool how mass newspapers are produced and how much really goes into its production. 

I did not expect the communication between the group and our tour guide to be such a hassle but I am glad to have the chance to see what some others may mistake for a simple warehouse.