The beaches of Ghana

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One of my favorite things to do in Ghana, is to check the numerous beaches and resorts that are available. The southern border of the country is located along the Gulf of Guinea giving it alot access to the ocean and the beach. Coming from a complete land-locked state (Colorado) this is not something I am used too. Its also been something that I take complete advantage of.

There are several beaches in the city of Accra, such as Labadi beach and Tawala beach, while these beaches offer great nightlife and dining oppurtunities (both host a reggae night every wednesday evening). They are not very clean and unfit for swimming. To do those you have to leave the city of Accra. I have thus far traveled to Ankobra beach resort to west, Krokobite and Ada Shoreline to the east of Accra. Each had is distinct qualities that make me want to return as much as possible.

Ankobra was the most beautiful by far, however the drive time and condition of the roads made it difficult to enjoy. Also if you go during the right season they have turtles that lay eggs on the shore and im sure that is a sight to see.

Krokrobite is by far the closest resort to Accra, located just 45 minutes to east of the city and is still within the Greate Accra Region limits. This was the liveliest of beaches, on both Friday and Saturday nights there is live music offered as well a really nice nightclub right up the road. What i really loved about this beach is that is in the middle of a vibrant community that is mostly made up of rastafarian inhabitants. They seem to be some of the happiest and friendliest people I have yet to meet in Ghana. I only have two weekends left here and one night will be spent here for sure.

The Ada shoreline is about 2 hrs east from Accra and located along the same route one would take to cross into Togo. It is located a very unique spot, where the Volta river and Gulf of Guinea meet. This gives us access to both the river beach and the ocean beach. I always stay at a resort called Maranatha Beach Camp for two reasons. One it is extremely affordable, a single room costs 25 GHS/night which works out to be around 7.69 USD, very very affordable. More importantly, this camp funds a nearby school with almost all proceeds going to the school. This makes me more than happy to spend as much money here as possible. This was also the spot where I spent my second night in Ghana, so it holds an extra special place in my heart.