Thanksgiving in Denmark

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Thanksgiving Week! 

Thanksgiving this year was so eventful! My UCEAP program hosted a thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant- funny and very interesting when the owner mentioned in her welcome speech, “this building is older than your country [referring to the United States]”. I would have never thought that considering the place was very well-kept and the area seem quite modern. Anyways, we had some danish dishes for dinner, I don’t remember the actual names but the main course consisted of roasted duck (I might be completely wrong because I didn’t pay that much attention to the meat option), a lot of potatoes cooked in various ways, salad, and bread. My descriptions may be boring but the dishes were actually delicious! For dessert, we had apple pie with whipped cream. Their whipped cream was not sweet at all. I’ve noticed a lot of desserts here aren’t that sugary and/or sweet. Aside from this example, I bought cake from a convenient store the other day expecting it to be overwhelmingly sweet as it was a rich-looking chocolate cake…turned out the sweetness was very minimal- very different than what I am used to…but delicious nonetheless. 

The table set up.


The cool kids’ table! Taken from UCEAP Facebook Page.


The main course! As you can tell, I was the first one at my table to grab a plate…


Dessert! Apple pie.



I celebrated friendsgiving with my girlfriends the night after the UCEAP thanksgiving event. We had a potluck at my place and some of us cooked together while others brought food from home. Some of the dishes we prepared included mac and cheese, salads, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a lot more. We skipped out on the meat though because almost half of us were vegetarians or pescatarians. Regardless of the lack of meat, it was a very delicious and filling night with super awesome company! All the plates came out awesome…who would’ve known that Denmark turned us into master chefs with the frequent cooking (due to the ridiculous price of eating out). On top of spending thanksgiving together, this dinner was also to celebrate my 21st birthday! A day filled with food and friends- what else could a girl really ask for ;)

Us, showing off our cooking skills.


Our cute dinner table with all the dishes and candles, of course. If we’ve learned anything from the danes, it’s the candles.


Group picture of us on my couch against a crafty wall that I spent way too much time putting together.