Terminal-ing, a new verb.

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Very pensive, just sitting in the terminal waiting for my flight to get called…

I’ve never gone abroad before. I’ve never actually even traveled alone before! I’ve always been with family, school, or some group of people… so this whole experience is new to me. It’s slightly liberating… I feel independent. The only thing I have with me is Panda (who will be making several guest appearances throughout this blog). 

I have butterflies in my stomach! … But that might just be because I didn’t really eat anything for breakfast. 

Some adjectives to describe my current state of mind: stoked, nostalgic (already, I know ha), eager… and maybe hungry. Can’t wait to get some good Ecuadorian food!! Delicioso.

I’ll probably type another blog while I’m miles in the air, and another when I arrive in Atlanta… I’ve never been there. Too bad my layover is only 45 minutes, I probably won’t get to do anything fun there… I feel like they’d have good fried chicken there. Or Kool-Aid or something… that’s probably where it originated. 

Until my next post. Sayonara (is that even proper Spanish…)!