“Tea Service”

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Cleaning Cathedreals and Mopping with the Mormon Missionaries in a little town with a big church. We arrived early to assist with whatever we were assigned. So we Started with the Sweeping. The main hall was large and we devided the chore amoung us. There were two sets of elders and the “humanitarian” missionary and I (humanitarian missionaries are usally older married couples who volenteer their time to do things like install clean water in Affrica. In this case they serve here in the Czech Republic and I knew I could count on them for service oppertunities.) They came through with a unique oppertunity to assist women in the Cathloc church clean their Cathedreal (Built in the 17th century I believe). I had to be carefull not to knock the corners or edges of the walls as I swept because it was so old it would just crumble at the slightest gesture if you were not gentle. It was such a pleasure to work with those two ladies from the cathloc church . I’v never been so happy to mop! Afterwards they treated us to a nice herbal tea and cakes( yes mormons can have herbal tea). It was a nice way to spend the morning. Later in the afternoon the humanitarian missionaries took me out to see a gentleman who was confined to a wheelchair and lived way out in the country ( there are few resources to help him get out and about)so he was soooo happy for company and we had a nice chatt in english!