TCM vs Western Medicine

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I would like to dedicate this journal entry to discuss the differences between Chinese and Western medicine, as well as point out their pros and cons.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has its attributes, otherwise it would have been obsolete. Most Chinese families have similar tendency to encourage their children to learn Western medicine, but when it comes to seeing a doctor for themselves, they would contact TCM practicioners. It is not because they do not trust Western medicine perse, rather they fear surgery.

Another reason is that they fear of the side effect of drug prescriptions. Compared to Chinese medicine, pills contain side effects that are quite large. This is because the active ingredients of drug are very concentrated. Large doses of the medical drug may be difficult to be coordinated in the body and be transferred to the intended site. However, the production and property of western medicine is more precise than that of Chinese medicine.

What are the differences between TCM and Western Medicine?

1. TCM is more mild and Western medicine is quicker. On the whole, western medicine is more dependable because of its principles are based on the scientific method.  From the perspective of diagnosis, western medicine is more precise at diagnosis. On the same note, Chinese medicine is not lacking or inaccurate. Rather TCM is based on the recorded experiences of medical doctors in the past. The fundamental practices were conducted without axillary medical equipments as current medical facilities utilize.

2. The emphasis of Chinese medicine and its practices are placed on experience of precedessors rather on scientific principles.


Chinese folks, especially the older generations, prefer to go for TCM because they fear the types of treatment provided by Western medicine. They fear the cost and invasiveness of surgery.