Taste Film: London – Grease

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I went out of my comfort zone recently and booked a solo ticket for attending a London City resturant Drake and Morgon’s Taste Film event which they were showing Grease. Along with the film was a four course meal with three drinks paired along side the food. If you don’t want to be spoiled with what exactly comes with the meal and would rather experience it for yourself, then my overall review was a 10/10 would attend again if they were showing a movie I was biased for. They t do film and food taste pairings with classic movies such as Chef, Matilda, and of course, Shreck. But they also have many events happening every month, so there are lots of options. But if you’re Steve, my course professor, then most likely you are going to read the whole thing; which case, I apologize in advanced for the spoiler.
While waiting outside for entrance admittance, there were many tables and chairs set outside with blankets (which were perfect because it was quite cold). And there was also a cucumber water in a glass jug with cups set outside. The tables and chairs were clean, and the whole ambiance just from the outside was classy and modern. When entering the inside it was very warm and the staff were so welcoming, it didn’t make the solo trip lonely. I was approached multiple times and asked if I was comfortable, if I wanted my picture taken, just like the other tables which were mostly couples. After dimming the lights, we immediately started off the experience with a rum punch cocktail which was served in a tiny bottle glass in a mug filled with graham cracker sand and a tiny umbrella. It was sweet and strong and shortly after followed the appetizer of deep fried Mac and Cheese balls with a sweet chili jam. As we set off to the scene of the sleepover with the Pink Ladies, they brought out a gift bag of a sleeping mask, a “Twinkie” (which was just a chocolate chip cookie?), and a signed printed photo of probably one of the creators of Taste Film. Next up was a canned cocktail drink with wrapping on the outside to mimic motor oil, with an icy drink inside that tasted like a vanilla cola. There was extra emphasis on the vanilla. After the diner scene and Frankie Avalon consoling Frenchie about dropping out of beauty school, was our main course of a double patty hamburger with French fries. Surprisingly enough, this burger had pickled onions, caramalized onions, and it wasn’t too greasy to eat. The last drink we had was “prom punch” cocktail served in a small fishbowl glass. I don’t think Sonny has spiked this drink enough because it tasted just like light juice. It was really refreshing and not too sweet. But the ending… was disappointing. As a dessert, it was a flaky crust tart with a light whipped cream that lacked any specific flavor with a vanilla cotton candy at the top. The flaky crust was a little too tough for my liking but for the price of the admittance ticket, I was expecting more for the ending dessert that left me feeling completely satisfied. The drink made up for the dessert, but I was not impressed. Overall I was really happy with the experience and would go to other showings if I had more time in London. I would recommend anyone if they want to have a fancy date there for take themselves out on a solo date there. It definitely raised my expectations for a dinner and movie type of date, and I think I’m gonna switch up my usual large buttered popcorn and a soda to a couple of cocktails and a three course meal at the theaters (which is probably never going to happen, but one can dream).