Takarazuka and 誕生日!!

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These past two weeks or so have been so exciting!  First of all, I turned twenty, which in Japan is the big age of adulthood.  My friends and I celebrated and went out to yakiniku – Japanese barbecue.  It’s so fun, and super delicious.  If you ever come to Japan, it’s the one food that I one hundred percent recommend!

Sooo good.

On my birthday, October 22, there was actually a field trip to see Takarazuka – the all-female acting school and troupe in Japan.  The show was fantastic, but we weren’t allowed to take any pictures.

The outside of the building – where I last felt comfortable taking photos.

Takarazuka, the city, is very far away from Hirakatashi.  We must have spent over two hours on the train each way.  But the city itself was also amazing – I wish I could have spent more time looking around.

So pretty.

The show was amazing, I would love to go back and see another one before I leave Japan!  It was a great way to practice my language skills.  Even though it’s so far away, I think I’ll be making another trip to Takarazuka before I go home – this time with a little more freedom and time.  But there are also so many other places to see in Japan!  There’s always winter break, and then Golden Week in the spring.  I’m sure I’ll find the time to return!