Studying Abroad in the Time of COVID-19– Quarantine in the Kollegium

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Since my first upload, I have arrived safe and sound in Copenhagen! The process of coming into a new country under unusual COVID-19 circumstances has absolutely added onto the memorability of my entire trip. Luckily, the system they have set in place in Denmark made it extremely streamlined and stress-free. Upon arrival, we are immediately guided to an antigen testing center within the airport terminal. We took a test, which I did not have to wait in a line for, and got escorted to a holding/waiting room until our results came back negative (roughly 10 minutes). From there, we were let out to meet DIS faculty at the gates– who had a lovely coach bus waiting for me and the other DIS students to take us to our kollegium (student housing in Denmark). Our kollegium is situated in Amager, right across from the bridge into Indre By (inner city of Copenhagen) and Christianshavn (home of the famous Freetown Christiania). Coming from New York, I would compare it to the likes of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Once we had arrived at the Monten kollegium, we started our five day quarantine in our own rooms. DIS had been so lovely and generous with us, preparing for our arrival and time in quarantine. The room had a welcome tote filled with goodies, and a few meals to last us while in quarantine. After the 5th day, we were allowed out to take a PCR test, and those results came within 24 hours, so that was our first sneak peek into the real Copenhagen– and it got me giddy and excited for the next six weeks to come. After my hour-long excursion to get a test, which is facilitated by Corona Smitte here in Denmark, I went back to my room and served my last few hours of quarantine until I could be released. Because I was lucky enough to get both shots of the Pfizer vaccine before coming here, I was not expected to have a negative Coronapas at all times (which is what the Danes use to be allowed to enter restaurants, cafes, museums, etc,.) and it definitely made my travelling experience and my stay here much more stress-free.