Studies First

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I know for the most part I’ve talked about my travels and adventures around Europe on my blog posts so far. This time it’ll be a little bit different. This past week has been more about the study than abroad in my study abroad experience. I didn’t travel anywhere, but it was nice though to start to catch back up on life.

My classes are ending this upcoming week so it has been pretty hectic with last minute deadlines. I also had my first Management exam on Thursday and projects, assignments, and essays due for my British Life and Business course. It has been slightly stressful and I had to be patient with myself because I of course just wanted to explore around London rather than being stuck in my room studying and doing homework.

The exciting thing about last week is I also had an interview for my internship that I start on July 1st. Good news! My internship placement is AMAZING! I feel like FIE did a fantastic job of placing me! One of the things I wrote in my personal statement was that I wanted to participate in the Masters in International’s Business program at University of Florida, therefore I would like some pre-exposure to an international business with this internship.

My placement is with Hydrogen Group which has locations in 67 different countries. Hydrogen Group provides recruitment services to match employees and employers in any given industry. I was aware of these facts going into my interview but I still was not sure what my tasks included. To my delight, I walked out of my interview beyond excited and counting down the days to July 1st.

My interviewer worked with me to understand exactly what I’d like to get out of this internship in order to make the most of our short six-week time frame together. Even though this isn’t a paid internship due to restrictions on my student visa, I’m beyond confident that I will help them as much as they’ll be helping me.

Since this is my last week of classes, that means the big trip I planned with my friends starts tomorrow night! Right after class, my roommate and I will be spending time in Barcelona for a couple of days before my other friends meet us in Naples.

From Naples, we’ll travel to Sorrento, Santorini, Mykonos, and end in Munich. This trip took A LOT of planning but we worked it out to get as much in as possible while remaining on a reasonable budget.

I’m lucky that I only have one in-person class on Mondays and Tuesdays because that means I’ll get almost two whole weeks of a break. It also thankfully allows me to visit four different countries in this time frame, spending a couple of days in each location. Stay tuned to next week to hear about the halfway mark of this incredible trip!