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One of my greatest blessings while being in Ghana is having the opportunity to visit and become a part of a Ghanaian family.  Before coming to Ghana I was an actively made clothing and jewelry, but wished to sharpen my skills. A few weeks ago I meet Auntie Jane, a seamstress that comes to my hostel to sew clothing for the international students. Initially we started talking strictly because of business, I designed a skirt that to would be sewn with bright orange and blue fabric. But as most conversations with me go, there is no absence of laughter and jokes.  After some short time I befriended her and her brother . I informed her that I loved to sew at home, so she invited me to sew with her on Tuesdays.

                So far I have sewn a jumper, maxi skirt, and maxi dress. I am absolutely loving the things I have made. Sewing and cooking with Jane and her family have definitely become the highlight of my week. I have learned to cook banku with pepper and tilapia, rice balls with groundnut soup and goat, and red red with fried plantains. And yes I know what you are thinking, it is absolutely delicious!! What’s on the menu for this week? Jollof rice and beef (YUM!!) Plus I am making a pair of wrap pants. More pictures to come.