Starting out in Sevilla

Read all the exciting things our scholars have been up to!

Plaza de España

The start of the second week began in the center of the town in a beautiful park named parque de maria luisa. Named after the Infanta Maria Luisa, Daughter of Queen Isabella II. When you think of Sevilla, you can’t help but think of the beautiful Plaza de España. The building has a canal that runs through the square and is crossed by four bridges representing the four historical kingdoms of Spain: Leon, Aragon, Castilla and Navarra. The structure is known for its beautiful architectural atmosphere that is perfectly symmetrical alongside the park. The greatest time to visit the plaza is during the golden hour. When the sunset rays strike the buildings at the perfect moment. You can’t help but be thankful you are standing on the detailed floors which represent the history of Spain.


The first time I heard of Spain was when I was a young girl watching soccer with my cousins. I had limited knowledge of the game, but knew that my cousins always rooted for the teams from Spain. After a few years, I came to a conclusion that when I’d one day visit Spain, the first thing I’d love to do is view a soccer match. Coincidentally, my home stay city’s soccer league went against one of the greatest soccer teams in the world. My cousins always rooted for Real Madrid, one of the greatest in the world, yet on that particular day I was glad Sevilla FC won. The crowd is wild, the atmosphere so alive, and the seats shaking from the tension. I enjoyed watching the reactions of the little ones just as much as the adults. I could see myself through their eyes, as having limited knowledge but still feeling just as proud and happy rooting for the teams you’d want to win. What surprised me the most was the mixture of fans. The bars in Sevilla were filled with fans rooting for Sevilla FC, just as much as ones rooting for Real Madrid. It was an experience I won’t forget.

Cruise on the Canal 

Learning about the history of Spain, is different in Spain, than it is to learn in a setting like Chicago. You can see the history as you look outside the windows, out in the streets, into the river, and at the intricate designed buildings. I’ve learned a few interesting facts about the city of Sevilla, like the fact that Christopher Columbus sailed from Sevilla in search for the new world. The Rio Guadalaquivir in which Columbus sailed from, is located right next to the canal. Me and a group of students enjoyed a relaxing canal cruise with the views from the river while listening to reaggaeton music. It was my first time on a cruise like so. After the cruise, my group of friends enjoyed the great nightlife sevilla has to offer. Coming from a spanish speaking culture, I enjoyed all the music played in the discotecas, Am excited for more nights like these to come.