Spring has sprung!…sorta?

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The end of the semester is snowballing towards me quicker each day and so are the last bit of large class assignments. It’s very crucial to find a good balance between school work and getting out and about to see the sights on my bucket list.
Spring has been a little wackier than I’m used to. We had a week of nice sunlight and mild weather, but then two days of flurries, strong wings, and cool weather. Despite all this strange weather, flowers are starting to bloom. I just took a walk through the park and there were daffodils, anemone, some purple flowers I didn’t get the name of, and the cherry blossoms (yes! Denmark has some that were gifted by Japan) are all showing their colors. On my list is to see the cherry blossom trees at Bispebjerg Kirkegård and Langelinie here in Copenhagen. There is also a cherry blossom festival at the end of the month that looks interesting!

Last week I spent the majority of my time and my whole twenty-seventh birthday working on various essays and a project that is all due within the next two weeks. I’d be lying if I said I was not overwhelmed, but that comes with being a student at times. Taking a deep breath and taking it day by day is crucial to the part of the semester where it feels like the work is piling up! Take my word for it.
A majority of my assignments have been successfully finished and passed in so now it should be smooth sailing.

This coming week I will find myself in Berlin, Germany. My “Curating in Europe” course, which is one of DIS’ Explorative Electives, will be traveling together over the Easter break. During our trip we will be visiting art galleries and talking to curators. Alongside the class related activities, we’ll also sightsee some of Berlin’s note-worthy sights. Not only am I excited to see a new city, I’m excited for the prospect of slightly warmer weather compared to this Danish spring I’m experiencing.

The week won’t be over yet. After my little German excursion, I’ll be back in Denmark and across the country to Aarhus for a music concert. Not only will it be my first one here, but it’s a Danish group that I’ve been listening to for awhile now. They’re music is very eighties style, which is a different type of music from what I usually listen to.
It’ll certainly be a test of my Danish language abilities. But if I misunderstand something, I’ll have my Danish fluent friend alongside me.

I’ve attached one of the many class photos taken this past month. Can you guess the class this photo is of? (If it’s not obvious, that handsome statue behind us is of Hans Christian Andersen)