Spring break and the Week After

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Just got back from Spring break and had to consolidate my weeks because I promised myself I would not take my computer with me!
I visited Paris and Seville; then on returning, we took a weekend class trip to Capri and Pompeii. These past two weeks have been very full of: delicious cuisine from 3 different countries, cultural differences in languages (French, Spanish and Italian), and understanding people, customs and mannerisms and the art of communication.
As I have traveled through so many different countries, I have learned so much about myself and leadership and teamwork. I was not aware of how my personality has created a persona of leadership. My self-confidence, demeanor, bearing and encouragement of others through delegation have all contributed to a solid foundation of leadership. The group of students that I study with are prime examples of great teamwork and cooperation. There is willingness to work together, to care for each other and to make sure everyone is involved and present. We have such a wonderful team of students that I feel very fortunate and honored when they ask me for advice and give me their full attention when necessary.

Off topic, I want to add…

While traveling, I have endeavored to observe closely the differences and similarities in cultures and families. I am happy to report that families in the countries I have visited are doing the best they can with what they have. I see lots of love between parents and children. I see children laughing, playing and enjoying travel. I salute the young parents that are traveling to different countries with their small children. As the parents go from place to place, they lug around various suitcases, car seats, strollers AND stuffed toys and books. I see parents and children engaging with each other (not their electronic devices), lots of laughter, and explanation to the stream of “What is that?” And “Why?” and yes, I also have observed the conflicts but there is a certain calmness and explanation that helps to develop great character traits in a child, like independence, self-direction, self-control, kindness, and cooperation. This has been an invaluable and wonderful experience that will lend much information to my career of early childhood development.