Somber Day

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Midterm exams are creeping up. Therefore I donated 9 hours to the study room yesterday. I will do the same again today. Sometimes I feel guilty because I can not put 100% into my business classes because of my intensive Korean class. I can not put 100% into my intensive Korean class because of my business classes. Later on, I will only do one at a time.

April marks the anniversary of the Sewol ferry incident. I see yellow ribbons everywhere on my way to the study room. I also see people gathered outside to mourn. I am not a Korean person, therefore I shouldn’t form an opinion about this peoples’ affairs. However, I am deeply saddened to see Korea’s future go down in the ocean. I don’t think the people responsible for this have yet or ever will be brought to justice.

I read an interesting book two days ago. The book is called The Giving Tree. I read it about 18 years ago in the United States. I read it again, but this time it was in Korean. It was so difficult. The grammar is okay, but many vocabularies I still do not know.


Sometimes I wonder if the boy is really thankful for the tree or if he is just taking advantage of it. In addition, helping the boy led to the tree’s demise. Sometimes I worry if I have this relationship with my parents.

Getting ready for another 9 hours of study time. Take care donors, bloggers, and readers.