So class has started

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Now it has been an eventful few weeks before the fateful first day of class. I have now learned to appreciate the course registration system of my home university. Registering for classes at SNU in short; was a disaster. I, thankfully after the website crashed more than a dozen times, managed to enroll in the three classes I had set my eyes on.

Today marks the 1st of September; the start of two of my classes both concerned with the Korean language, culture, and literature. Similar to the events of the thrice rescheduled course registration days, the school website that had all of the online zoom links to classes had, unfortunately, run into a system overload failure once again. Fortunately, I was able to acquire and attend the two classes I had scheduled, and those occurred without any hiccups. I am even more excited to start learning more about Korean literature and culture. The teachers were very charming and very amiable. I expect I will enjoy these classes immensely.

In other news, I have yet to step foot on campus, as right now we are stricken with a level 4 covid warning. Classes will remain online for a month and be re-evaluated for in-person teaching in October. On the bright side, I will be exploring the campus soon to pick up some official documents and my school ID. I am very excited about that.

Korea, after being able to be out and about after quarantine, has been quite beautiful with many sights and new foods to try. That is if you don’t mind working up a sweat in these very humid times. The two photos I attached were from a day I went out and explored an area called Hongdae that is not too far from a women’s university called Ewha and a restaurant I visited where I ate spicy rib, beef, and tteok-bokki soup. (pictured below)