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Today is the conclusion of party week at Korea University. All week long we have had entertainment including Kpop groups at the university. In all honesty, the festive atmosphere of Korea University (and its rival Yonsei University) is my least favorite characteristic. I dream that someday I can attend class at Seoul National University or KAIST. While people say those schools are boring due to lack of parties and festivals, I like them because they are no nonsense research schools.

As I might have implied, I didn’t go to any of the concerts or events. I am a bit of an introvert at times and distain crowded places. In addition, I don’t know any of the new Kpop groups or songs. Instead, I am preparing for the upcoming final exams. In addition, about once or twice a week, I meet Korean or Korean speaking foreigner friends. We go cafe or restaurant and talk. In particular, I like meeting a few of my Chinese classmates from my current or former language classes. Our vocabulary and talking speed are about equal. Also, we can learn from each other.

I went to accounting class a couple days ago. Before the class the skies were blue. After the class, I could no longer see the sun. A thick blanket of smog was over the city. It lasted about one and a half days. During that time, my acne broke out bad. My friends also experienced stuffy noses. Activities such as exercise were also difficult.

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I don’t know were all the smog came from. I am aware Seoul is home to roughly 12 million cars/buses/etc. Which doesn’t make sense because its population is about 12 million. I definitely don’t own a car. Somebody is lucky enough to afford more than one car I suppose. I don’t believe the smog came from China either. However, we occasionally mild sandstorm from China reaches Seoul. I tell my friends from China, “You’re country misses you so much that it came here to see you!”