Simple Wonders

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Well being here Ive been thinking what is important in life, Ive never really thought about my time but now I only have so little to myself. So I really think to myself what should I do with these 30 minutes or an hour. What do I find important in life and if time is the most important thing that I have shouldn’t I use it to do things that really matter like giving back to others. So my real classes started two weeks ago and Im honestly juggling theses classes and sometimes I feel like Im juggling with fire because each day Im in class from 6-8 hours. Then on top of class my teachers give at least 2-3 hours of homework a night , although I’m a student, each day I get is a gift and tomorrow isn’t promised, but after all the homework and tests are done I’m just amazed how I’m persevering and pushing myself through this season. Before I came to Costa Rica I never would have thought these intensive classes would be this intense but I know going back to the States classes will seem like a piece of cake. Each day during a part of the day I just reflect and am amazed at how blessed I am to be here. I mean from dinners talking in Spanish with my mother Tica to dancing classes sharing laughs with my dance partner, because my shoulders have more rhythm than my hips. I would have  never in a million years thought I would be being complimented by Native Spanish speakers on my Spanish, nor would I have thought my mama Tica would have served me fat-back(southern dish) for dinner. I am almost at the half point of my trip and am realizing this season won’t last forever. So I’m taking it a day at a time and when the world tries to throw me lemons when I asked for strawberries I just say Que Torta!(Oh shoot) And make some lemon pound cake with a Pura Vida trademark stamped on top.