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Settling IN

This was a great week! My workload picked up and everything started to come together. Monday’s and Thursday’s I have work from 8:30am to 6pm but have actually gone to the office almost everyday this week. Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s I have class and spend most of my time on campus. After work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and all day Friday I attend a GMAT class at Timeline Trust.

Work by far is my favorite place to be and I enjoy the culture very much. My coworkers are very passionate about their work but are always willing to take the time to walk me through a deal I don’t understand. I am given actually deals to review and not busy work. I appreciate the responsibility that has been bestowed upon me and next week I am meeting with a CEO for an investment that we are considering. I am reviewing deals about fintech, agriculture, and various business ideas in Africa. The prospect of helping lead Africa’s future gives me pure joy.  I truly believe this continent will be at the center of the next economic boom and this is a great opportunity to get involved. This week provided me with the opportunity to talk with CEO Sangu Delle someone I look up to, and was able to understand better the process required to set up a foundation to start an African Investment company. My main reason for picking Ghana as the location for my study abroad experience was to gain exposure to investments in Africa and I have not been disappointed.

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School has been an interesting experience. I am adjusting to the teaching structure and understanding my way around campus. To get to class on time I have to leave home an hour early and go to a taxi yard. Once there, if lucky the taxi is full and I am the fourth person to arrive, so it will drop me off outside the campus gates. If that is not the case, then I have to wait up to an hour for the taxi to fill up, or I can offer to pay for the seat and it will drive me to the location (this concept is called a share taxi). One of the challenges with transportation is drivers hearing your American accent, and demanding double for a trip that should cost a lot less. The challenge with using Uber is that it can be difficult to find one, or if there is tarrific jam (which is often the case) then price increase drastically compared to the original projected price. In that case it can be better to take a taxi if you can agree on a fair price. One of the ways I have found to measure fair transportation prices is, to check on Uber first how much the trip would cost, then negotiation a similar price with a driver.

This week I also got the opportunity to attend the premiere of Black Panther which did not disappoint. It was different experience than watching a movie in the United States. You could tell the whole country was excited for the movie and the lines were very long. It was acceptable for people to have conversations during the showing, and going so far as to pull out a flashlight in the middle of the movie but the Ghanaians in the theatre did not mind. It was a interesting experience compared to the anger people would have displayed back home.