Seoul, South Korea Update 10

Read all the exciting things our scholars have been up to!

There has been so much going on this week in terms of assignments, quizzes and exploring. Before the week started, I knew I had to work as hard as I possibly could for the weekend because I was going to be out almost all weekend with friends. We had been planning to meet and go out for almost a month now and it was finally time.

To start off, September the 27th, I had to prepare for another Korean vocabulary quiz I would have Thursday the 30th. It was vocabulary all tied in with the grammar and lesson we were learning from last week. After studying for a little while I realized this quiz would be a lot more difficult than the last one. I was kind of struggling with this lesson so the vocabulary on top of the grammar really confused me at first. Also, during computer science class Monday, we learned a lot of new material which was really confusing at first, but it started to make sense after Tuesday studying. Tuesday was a very studious day, I basically worked on homework and had class that day. Wednesday came along and after classes I started to really prepare for my quiz I had on Thursday and reviewed my premodern history material. Thursday came around and I took my vocabulary quiz and did well on it! The studying paid off and I worked hard this week because my weekend was going to be amazing, I already knew!

So, I want to start off with Saturday, as Friday was just another study day. Saturday my friends and I went to visit a lot of different places, one being the dog café in Hongdae. This was the most fun I have had in a long time and a great break from studying. There were so many different dogs there! I saw Corgi’s and even an Alaskan Malamute! Some dogs even just slowly come to you and sit next to you and let you pet them. After the dog café, we went to visit a karaoke room. The karaoke room was a nice time to relax, and I got to sing some of my favorite songs. What’s even better is that I sang many songs in Korean as well! I was not able to sing songs in Korean two months ago, but because of class and all the practice I am doing I can keep up with lyrics in a song! Sunday was another nice day as my friend and I went to visit an animal café. This time there was meerkats, racoons, and cats! There were snakes and lizards too, but I stayed away from that area. When I went into the cat room and sat down, there was a cat who instantly ran up to me and let me pet him! This was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time and it was great because I knew the next few weeks were going to be tough because I have to prepare for midterms.

This last week starting from October 4th was a lot of studying and working on assignments. I had an essay to write for premodern history, a coding assignment for computer science, and another vocabulary quiz for Korean class. So, for this whole week and weekend I was working constantly on my assignments and studying. Specifically, the coding assignment was the most difficult work we have had to do yet and I struggled on it a lot. I am going to ask for help from the teacher’s assistant before midterms because there is a lot I do not understand. There was something really nice that happened this week, however. October the 10th I did meet with two of my fraternity alumni brothers who are currently teaching in South Korea. We met up and caught up about how we’ve been doing. I took them to the dog café I went to a week before because I wanted them to see how great it was!

Very interesting weeks and more to come! This next week will be a lot of studying because next week starting October the 18th is midterm week!