Reunions and Goodbyes! – Week 6 (Final Week)

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July 6th

I know I’m a little early, hear me out! I’m not going to have much time in the next few days…

I finally leave Japan on Tuesday, phew. But! My accommodation with The Intern Group ends tomorrow, so I have to go to a hostel tomorrow….. which means packing today :(

But this week has been A M A Z I N G !

The first part of this week my roommates threw a Sushi Going-Away Party for my friend and me!! I was so much fun, and the sushi was so good! I was so thoughtful of them, I almost cried when I opened the door and they surprised me. We played games and drank and ate all night, and one of my friends spoke French with me! I had so so so much fun. I’m sad that I have to leave them, but hopefully, I’ll be able to come back soon and return the favor!

On top of that, I saw by best friend of NINE YEARS for the first time since she left for London back in 2015! I’m SO HAPPY!! I absolutely adore her, and we’ve gotten to spend time in a place we fantasized hanging out in back in middle school… It’s so weird to realize so many of my dreams have come true!!

We went around Shinjuku for a bit and went to eat and then karaoke, but lots of talking and catching up! I missed her so much, it felt like a fever dream to see her again! We hung out again on Wednesday and went to Ikebukuro Sunshine to do some shopping and chatting. Hopefully, I can sneak one more hangout session before I have to go back!

Plus, yesterday I went to my final hip-hop class in Shibuya! Everyone there was so nice and understanding, and really helpful! I love dancing with them, I feel as though I can get aaaaall of my stress out! Hopefully, when I come back next year I can dance a bunch more! (I have them on Instagram now, so I can stalk them, haha)

This week has been so nice, I feel almost bad leaving! It feels like a dream of mine to be back in Tokyo and doing so many things that I love, but hopefully, I can do amazing in Miami and come back soon! I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Tokyo and Seoul…. and I won’t rest until I’m back here!!

Until then, Wish me Luck!