Returning home

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Well, everyone speaks English again. That is a feature of returning that is not easily explainable, but essential in understanding the experience of returning home. It is insane the amount of extra interactions I now have that everyone shares a common language. Arriving back with no phone, no idea what time it was, and an unclear destination. After hobbling around, rolling a cigarette, and finding my ride I was off, driving through Minneapolis happy to see friends, but disillusioned with the United States. It is very ironic how I badly wanted to be in the U.S only to arrive here and instantly become uncomfortable with it all. The space, the smells, the sheer amount of grass, and the car infested streets it all just didn’t feel correct.

I know this feeling will fade, and I will readjust to my situation but after these long looks, it is nice to see flaws within the place I live. I am really glad I was able to come and see my friends as we graduate. It is unfortunate I had to give up some time travelling around Europe to come visit, but it seems to be for the best since we may not see each other much after graduation.

All in all, Budapest was simply amazing and it may have destroyed what I thought my ideal home once was. This is both depressing as it bring me farther away from my family and extremely wonderful because it means I am learning more about myself. As I finish up my adventure I am extremely grateful from everything that was allowed to perspire from my trip and am left wondering what exactly is next for my life. The rest of the thoughts on it all will require more reflection before I can put them into words that are meaningful for other people to read. I am sorry about this fact, but also I am overjoyed that it is this way. After all every good story needs to be a bit more complicated than clichés and blog posts, and that swath of experiences is what I cherished most about my time abroad