Reflecting on the Start

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I am now officially over the half way mark of my study abroad journey! I came here mid September under the impression that I had so much time to be here but the time has completely flown by. I have been incredibly busy in the best way possible. My host family welcomed me with open arms and made me feel comfortable since day one. I live with my host mom, her sister, and her mom and they do an amazing at including me within the family structure. I sit with them through lunch and dinner and we talk .

I remember being so proud of myself on the first day for getting on the plane and really going through with the plan to study abroad. I came to study abroad by myself so I was also filled with doubt, but this turned around so quickly when I met people from the same study abroad program as me. Everyone was so nice and open to getting to know one another. We were all feeling the same feelings of doubt and wanted to be friends with each other.

The best tip I can give to prospective study abroad students is to be open to the new people that you will be spending time with, the new food, and the overall culture. The time that you are abroad might seem like an extended amount of time, but time when you are abroad truly flies!

Below is a picture from my favorite park here.