Rainy Day Blues (Kylie Kinion, Japan) 9/23/16

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Sadly, this week was pretty average. I was busy going to school and doing school work, so I don’t have a lot to report on.

One thing of note, however, was that this Tuesday the school was closed, because of a typhoon!

That’s a new experience for me, ha. It was nothing serious, just a lot of rain, but I think the school took the day off because the buses and trains were closed down. We all just got to sit inside for a day, and relax.

I actually have Tuesdays off from school, though, so it was more of an inconvenience for me, because I wanted to go to the store and do laundry. That’s just life, though, I suppose.

It was a neat, interesting first time, having a typhoon day, so I can’t complain.

Hope it doesn’t happen again, though!