Quick Tips for Costa Rica

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1. Use the bus as public transportation during the day. It saves alot of money. 

2. Use a taxi for nightly transportation.  Never ride alone. Make sure to ask the driver to set his “maria” (that’s the meter) for accurate pricing.

3. When exiting a taxi, never slam the door. The driver may become offensive.

4. Carry coins to pay for your bus and taxi fares. The drivers prefer coins instead of large bills because they have limited cash for change.

5. Never go out alone. Always walk in a group of 2+ people. 

6. Keep up with your personal belongings at all times.  Carry a small purse or wallet to keep up with your money and id.

7. If you must carry a backpack, wear it in the front or on the side with your arm guarding it. Never wear it towards the back to prevent backpack slashing and pickpocketing.

8. Safeguard your phone at all times. Do not pull it out unless necessary. Smartphones are attention-getters to petty theives.

9.  Always carry a COPY of your passport with you. Leave the orignial copy in a safe place at your residence.

10.  Sunday is “family day”. A lot of stores, markets, and resturants are usually closed on Sunday.

11. Always carry an umbrella or raincoat with you ( especially during green season). The weather is very unpredictable.

12. Do not try to make a quick turn into traffic because the drivers will speed up. Politely use your horn to communicate with other drivers. 

13. Cars have the right-of-way. If you are walking, cross only when you see the “green crossing” signal.

14. If Spanish is not your first language, please learn at the least the general greetings and numbers (large numbers hundreds, mil).  Knowing your numbers well may prevent you from being overly charged.