Pro Haggler

Read all the exciting things our scholars have been up to!

Part One:

Me: How much is this wallet?

Shopkeeper: 90 quetzales. How much you wanna pay?

Me: 50.

Shopkeeper: 80.

Me: 60.

Shopkeeper: 75. It’s a good price for you.


Part Two:

Me: This postcard is nice!

Shopkeeper: 3 quetzales.

Me: And for two?

Shopkeeper: 6.



Me: Maybe I’ll get this later.

Shopkeeper: 5 for 2.


Also, I should say the market is bustling, gorgeous, overstimulating, loud, and full of beautiful, beautiful things! I have plenty of things in mind to get as gifts and souveneirs. I forsee myself going back quite a bit!