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Hi Everyone!

I can’t believe that I’m going to set foot on Beijing pretty soon! I am super excited to explore the city, but at the same time I am a little nervous since this is my first time studying abroad. However, I know that by the end of this trip, there will be countless amazing memories created! I am very thankful to have the support of the Fund for Education Abroad to help make this trip possible. :)

I’ve always wanted to improve my Mandarin and now I will be spending a whole semester at a program with a focus in language acquisition (Beijing Normal University). :) Some of the classes I will be taking are Reading, Writing, Listening, and Chinese Culture. I am looking forward to attending these classes, and I am very curious how different their style of teaching will be. One thing I like about taking Mandarin classes in China is that I can walk right out into the streets and pretty much be “studying” for my classes by practicing my Mandarin with the locals!

Learning Mandarin and about Chinese culture are my main goals while I am in China, but I do have some other goals.  Right now, my career path is not very clear, but I am hoping to determine whether I want to be a Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist in the future. To do so, I want to volunteer at a local hospital or clinic to get more exposure of the field. Another goal of mine is to consistently study for the GREs and take the test during November. I am hoping to apply to graduate schools during June so I hope I can squeeze in taking the GREs during this trip.

And to stay sane.. my last goal is to exercise at least twice a week! I know that I will be busy with school work, volunteering, studying, and other activities, but I know making time for exercising will definitely benefit my health and wellness! :)

Well, wish me luck over in Beijing and see you next time! ;)