Post-return from Gwangju, South Korea

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Hello! 안녕하세요 – Annyeonghaseyo

I have been back from Gwangju, South Korea for a few weeks. Learning abroad in Korea, indeed, was the most precious experience I have ever had in my life. I have got so many things besides the knowledge of my class. I have met many good friends and built a lot of memorable moments. Even though it was very sad to say goodbye, we believe that we will meet again in the near future.

Also, I have known more about the culture of Korea, Korea’s history, and daily life of people there. I was so happy because I have had a chance to experience and live like a local Korean in Gwangju.

Most importantly, I have changed myself into a better person. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and been willing to try new things. I have also become more independent and more confident about myself and what I can do. 

In the future, I hope that I will have more valuable experiences like this. I will try my best to work harder and aim higher so that everything I learned from this learning abroad program will not be wasted. I am also willing to be an inspiration, a helpful resource, and guidance for all other students who want to go abroad.

This is my last post with the upon return video. Sadly, this journey has come to the end. It was a short program but it was so meaningful and precious. Thank you, everyone, for going with me throughout this beautiful journey of my youth.

Thank you very much! 대단히 감사합니다 – daedanhi gamsahabnida