Perfectionism vs. Realism

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Perfection is an ideal concept people try to possess but fail to realize that everyone makes mistakes. In many cases when we make mistakes we must face the repercussion of that mistake. Instead of faltering to that mistake we must learn to understand our mistakes and not repeat them in the future.

In life, mistakes are inevitable yet it is how we react to them which will affect us in either a negative or positive way. Since I am going into the medical field I know that I will not be perfect in my profession. It is better to make mistakes you can learn from brining some realism into your life. Conquer the negative aspects that follow your mistakes and understand that you can improve next time with a different perspective.

Throughout my time here in Australia I have found myself striving for realism and capturing the essence of what it truly means to learn from my mistakes. Within my internship, I developed awareness to many mistakes I made such as with the ankle taping.

However, I looked back on what I went wrong in and decided that the next time I knew what I could do better. My advice for anyone who struggles with accepting their mistakes would be to reflect on that mistake and allow yourself to grow and learn. Sometimes it is helpful to write down what you prospered in and what needed to be improved.

Realism is perfectionism in disguise recognizing the beauty of what makes something real. Mistakes are real and we can choose to make the best of our situation or let them drag us down. As a college student, I’m sure many of us struggle with the notion of what it means to be perfect having no error in our ways.

Many of our parents keep us sheltered never allowing us to grow up and letting our mistakes guide us instead of being the interpretation of who we are. Your mistakes are not a sign of weakness they are a reminder to expand our minds to greater possibilities and outcomes that can occur. When we subject ourself to simple-minded thinking we disregard the progress of our development.

Whether it’s in your personal life or professional life you will always make mistakes that make you doubt your self worth. Realism is the true perfection of what we must strive for all aspects of our life. We live in the real world where mistakes will follow us till the end of time. There is no changing what happened in the past however there is a chance to redeem ourselves in the future.

Mistakes are mini-lessons for our growth throughout our daily lives replacing a negative mindset with an optimistic one. Taking the easier route is neither beneficial nor a learning experience we can reflect on. It only makes us regret the missed opportunity to change something within ourselves. All in all I hope that students who read this know that perfectionism is an imaginary ideal that needs to be eliminated from their thinking processes and a realistic mindset must be implemented.