How to Pack for 5 Day Trip

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We are on a mid-trimester break for the next two weeks. This upcoming break is nothing but busy. I am so excited to share my explorations with you! But before that, I will share with my packing list for the next 5 days. Hopefully this will be helpful to you some day as well!

This is organized by clothes, toiletries, miscellaneous and important items. I will be traveling to Auckland from Wellington. I will be sitting on buses for long hours, hiking, kayaking, and exploring the city. Please stay tuned for trip updates next week!







Cap 1 Toothbrush/ toothpaste 1 Cell phone 1
Flip-flops 1 Dental floss 1 Charger/ battery pack 1
Jacket 1 Soap/ shampoo/ conditioner/ lotion sufficient Notebook 1
Long sleeves 1 Hair brush 1 Lip balm 1
T-shirts 1 Face wash 1 Water bottle 1
Pants 1 Sunscreen 1 Headphones 1
Long skirt 2 Pain killer 2 packs Massage stone 1
Sleepwear 1 Bandages sufficient Ointment 1
Underwear/ socks 4 Snacks many!

Potential Itinerary

Bus day
travel all the way to Auckland by bus for 12 hours
Get some hot chocolate at night head to our stay.

CBD day
get brunch, Auckland domain and museum, lunch, campus/ downtown/ city/ malls, dinner, night walk by the waterfront and French dessert shop.

Hiking day
hiking to Mt. Eden and Cornwell Park. Relaxing and playing mini golf at night.

Bay of Islands trip
traveling to Paihia and Russell – kayaking, hiking, and star gazing.

Travel home + grabbing lunch in the city

Please enjoy this nature photo of the tip of the South Island.