Overseas Bond

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Second week in Australia and I’m feeling all types of homesick. Its been a little difficult to adapt. But, so far I’ve adjusted to the time zone however I have not adjusted to living out here without my family. I’ve talked to my mom at least every day and I think that’s the most we’ve ever talked to each other.

This week I’ve learned to be grateful for the beautiful places around me. Also for the people that helped me to get to these beautiful places. Its a dream come true to be in a place I got to because I worked hard and let fate take control of whatever happened. I’m grateful for my mom for keeping me grounded even though its only been a week its felt like months. I guess it took us being apart from each to really appreciate one another.

My advice for kids being away from home for the first time is to cherish the moments you have with people before, during and when you return. We do not know when our time on this Earth will come to an end therefore it is important to tell the people there for you, you love them. Life is way too short to dwell on the past and start looking forward to what’s to come ahead. I’m sure as time passes I will become comfortable being here on my own and will get to the point of not wanting to go back home.

I had a conversation with my mom a couple days ago and she encouraged me to let whatever was holding me back to let go and have fun. The thing that is draining me inside doesn’t deserve the energy or attention I am giving it. So whatever is holding you back remember to set it free and give your time to things that matter. Sometimes just having the clarity from others helps to put things into perspective.

Being an adult and living on my own isn’t hard its not being able to share those moments with my loved ones is hard because then I feel selfish for being here. However I realized its not selfish to want more and better for myself which will benefit me within my career. I promised my family one day I would bring them here and I intend on keeping that promise.

There the reason I’m here and will continue to strive in my future. There’s no point in going towards a career that doesn’t help others especially my family. Throughout this internship I don’t want to lose sight of why I want to be a physical therapist but remind myself that this is something that will benefit not only the people around me but its something that makes me happy.

At the end of the day, all we can do is have the ability to live and love the people an places around us as fully around us as much as possible. During my time in Australia I will continue to live and love endlessly with my heart letting go of all the worries of yesterday and living for today.