Over the hump, under the weather

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Another couple of weeks in the books, another blog to be written, another experience to share. This section of weeks has been an adventure in a new and strange way. I have started feeling the burn of school work in ways I cannot quite explain. It is not that the work has gotten any more intellectually challenging, maybe it has but that is not the issue, but rather the maturity it requires is certainly something I do not have. I have whimsically been waving my hands in the face of work here and now after finally giving what I have to do a full examination I realize it has put its weight on its hind legs and is ready to go for my jugular if I don’t start taking care of it.

All and all Budapest has been surreal but the illusion is starting to fade in a very weird way. Maybe that isn’t entirely true, I just hate the government here for many reasons. The most unjustified reason: they keep messing up my residency permit. To date I have missed 7 or 8 classes due to residency permit problems. These days every time I go the two receptionists smile and laugh at me for having to come back for another appointment. I’m surprised they even check my passport anymore.

I’ve also started knitting in the past week or so, something I am far to clumsy to actually do with any finesse. My friend Meg let me convince myself I could start on something only slightly less basic then “knit-able by a four year old” and I both regret it and am having quite a fun time doing a monotonous thing. It’s very strange how complex knitting patterns can be and how simply and rhythmically people are able to knit them.

As for the house life, Halloween was within these last two weeks. We had a bash. Our flat trio went as a cop, a pun based right to bear arms costume and a sailor. The usual insanity ensued. The highlight though was looking at the mess at 4 a.m. after everyone who could had marched out the door. You never realize how nice it is to really own a space until you turn the lights off in your completely trashed house, a little buzzed and listen to music and marvel at the mess you just made.

Midterms just ended recently and so now I am in severe poem debt to my blog. Hopefully I’ll make that up some how whether it’s in words or blood. As for now, I’m going to deal with my cold and prepare for the month left of school.


Oh and get my residency permit fixed……..