Outskirts of Pune

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This past week after giving our midterm exams, we decided that it was time to pack up once again and get out of the city. Only this time we didn’t have to contemplate on a destination so much rather, we had one place in mind, which was Pune. Pune is about 3 hours away from Mumbai. As we drove away from Mumbai, you can see the changes in landscape. Structures like buildings became more spread out, the lands became flatter and as we came closer to Pune, pollution on the roads decreased dramatically. After being in a city where everything is so condense, coming to Pune felt like a fresh breath of air.

One of my friends from school had a bungalow in the outskirts of Pune and we spent the next three days there.  Driving to his bungalow, the other international students and I didn’t know what to expect. When my friend from school said that he had a small bungalow in Pune we thought it would be at some small village meaning we would have to sleep on the ground alongside misquotes with no proper electricity or toiletries. We were expecting the worse, in other words we thought this would be the real Indian experience. 

How wrong we were. Arriving at 11 in the night, my friend’s bungalow was no ordinary bungalow. No, actually I wouldn’t consider it a bungalow it was a mansion!

Living in a gated community with the rest of the big shots of Pune, the mansion was four stories high, eight bedrooms, two living rooms including a stocked bar in each one, a roof top Jacuzzi and an infinity pool in the backyard. The next three days consisted of endless games of beer-pong, blasting House music, laying out in the sun by the pool and exploring everything that Pune as a well-known college town had to offer. Made lots of memories that will not be shared on this blog, but needless to say had an amazing time.