Only Hours!

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It’s down to a matter of hours.

Less than 24 hours and I’ll be in the air.

It’s unreal to sit here on the couch, typing on my laptop as if I’m doing homework or something completely normal. Yet my mind is racing with thoughts about Thailand.

So, this post is to talk about packing, my expectations and all the pre-departure thoughts.

As you all know, I’m studying abroad for the following ten months in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I chose Thailand because of my curiosity of their happy, accommodating culture. I am also interested in learning the history of where many of my friends’ families originated. The classes I am taking abroad consist of:

Fall: ASEAN Trade & Economics, Buddhist Philosophy, International Relations, Political Economy of Southeast Asia, Thai Society and Culture, and Thai Daily Language 1.

Spring: Comparative Political Systems, Hill Tribe Peoples and Culture, International Business Management, Thai Civilization, Thai Cuisine, and Thai Daily Language 2.

It’s sort of a heavy load, but I expect to learn a very unique skill set from these classes abroad, as compared to taking them in the states with an American focus.

It is hard leaving Oroville. My family and my friends have always been there for me, and not seeing them as often will be hard. I am, however, glad to be traveling with my boyfriend and other friends I know from school. It makes it less scary to go into this not knowing anyone. I am very excited to try a new lifestyle, experience new traditions and feed my passion for travel.

I’ll miss long showers and pizza. But that’s definitely not stopping me from leaving the US ;)

So, most of you are probably wanting the fun stuff – how the heck did I pack for ten months in one suitcase?! I’ll give you a quick run down of what is in each bag:

Checked luggage:

One pair of jeans, one pair of capris, 3 pairs of shorts.

One hoodie, two pairs of leggings.

Minimal amount of exercise clothes.

Four long dresses, two shorter dresses.

One lightweight long sleeve tee.

Five tee-shirts. Three tanks. Five chiffon shirts.

Three camis. Two v-necks.

Freezer bags full of socks, bathing suits, etc.

Two pairs of Toms. One pair of Chucks. One pair of heels.

One pair of sandals. One pair of flip-flops.

Toiletries – including lots of baby wipes, face wipes, stain remover, deodorant, sunblock, face wash, chapstick, bug spray, shaving cream, face lotion, Ibuprofen, Vitamins, tampons, razors, and tide laundry packs for the sink.

I plan on buying shampoo, conditioner, and the likes once I land!

My carry-on bag contains:

Three shorts. Linen pants. One lightweight hoodie.

One dress. Two half sleeve shirts. Four thanks.

Two v-necks. One pajama set. Two pairs of sandals.

Umbrella, toilet paper, laundry bags. Travel size toiletries.

Toilet seat covers. Purse, journals, pens. Bathing suit & cover.


Laptop. Camera. Chargers. Snacks. Water Bottle

I feel like I was able to bring a lot – but not too much! Yay for confident packing!

My next post will be from Thailand – can’t believe I’m finally saying that!