OMG, it’s finally 70 degrees Fahrenheit in Copenhagen!

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Hi everyone!

I hope you all are doing well. I can’t believe I’ve been in Copenhagen for 19 days already! I have got nothing but love for this city and that says a lot since I am not a big fan of the rain at all. This past week, I have been doing a lot of studying and preparing for my Danish exam next Friday. The exam will consist of a written and an oral portion, wish me luck! I have learned so much Danish for the past two weeks, so hopefully I can apply it during the exam :)

My favorite part of this week was going to the beach on Wednesday! The weather finally broke 70 degrees fahrenheit, and trust me…it’s a big deal in Copenhagen. Everyone was out in the sun, tanning, jumping into the freezing cold canals and beaches; it’s awesome! My classmates and I went the beach near the airport and we all just ate our lunches and hung out for about 3 hours. It was a really nice and relaxing time. Since I am from California, I couldn’t turn down going into the water and let me tell you…it was SO cold, but worth it. Now I can say that I’ve swam (sort of) in Copenhagen! Here are some pictures from Wednesday.




Another favorite part of my week was going to the museum: Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. They have free entrance on Tuesdays, so after I woke up from my nap I decided to take a spontaneous trip to the museum before it closes. It was so much fun! There was a big open space in the middle where people can sit and enjoy each other’s company. And there were a lot of really cool sculptures and paintings. I loved it! It was also really great because I finally got the chance to spend time with myself; when I am alone, I tend to feel more mindful of my surroundings which is awesome. I also went on a run later that day at a nearby park, which by the way was so gorgeous! It was surrounded by beautiful apartment complexes and the grass field was huge! Something that I have been noticing is that Danes love their canals and big windows! I am not complaining because I love it very much also; it makes the city look so modern yet very peaceful.




Ok, I want to squeeze ONE MORE of my favorite parts of the week! It was today, actually. I went to Papir Island also known as the Meant Packing District. As mentioned before, I have been in Copenhagen for almost three weeks and I can’t believe this was my first time here! It’s pretty much a location by the water with a lot of restaurants inside; there was a huge variety of food you can choose from. I bought myself a pull pork sandwich with fries that came down to 100 DKK or around 15 USD. The view was so beautiful and the food was SO good (though a bit pricey but it’s ok, this was my first time eating out this week) ;) I wish I took better pictures of the location, but I will next time. For now, here are pictures of me and my lunch!



That will be it for the week. See you next time!