Nørrebro, København

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Trip to Nørrebro!

It was the only sunny day out of the week so my roommates and I decided to bike to a park located north of the city center, in an area called Nørrebro. The park is called Superkilen. It has large areas with play structures and striped & bright color ground. The bike ride was breathtaking! Sunny Copenhagen is beautiful and very rare in the winter months. We biked past a lake that connects all parts of Copenhagen. Below is a photo of my roommate in front of the lake! Danes apparently just call it the lake—no special names.

Personally, I think Nørrebro is a lot different from other areas of Copenhagen. It’s very diverse it terms of food, people, stores, and just the general vibes. The food is very cheap in comparison to the local super markets (Bilka, Netto, etc.). To give you an idea, a mango retails for 15DKK at Bilka, but I got it for 2 for 10DKK at a local shop in Nørrebro! If you didn’t know, I love mangos with a passion so I probably bought more than I should have. Aside from mangos, we also bought a dish rack for a steal deal of 35DKK! It’s a funny story, actually. Pia, one of my roommates, negotiated the price down 4DKK. We heard that it’s typical for you to negotiate prices in this area of town so we decided to try it out. It worked! Even if it only comes down to 60 cents ;)

Here is a photo of Pia and Missy after they negotiated the price for our dish rack—just a couple of happy gals.

Here is a photo of one of the many supermarkets in Nørrebro. Not at all your typical big name stores. They sell a wide variety of ingredients—more ethnic and diverse I would say. Some examples include fish sauce, homemade pita and/or durum, and etc! Pia bought 3 cans of chick peas for 10DKK! I love deals so that’s how I remember the exact price.

Here is a photo of one of the shops we went in. They have all their vegetables displayed outside and dried & canned foods inside.

Personally, I also think that this area is much more lively. Maybe because the area is a good combination of residential and businesses. Or it could be that it was the only sunny day in a month (I am exaggerating) and everyone wanted to go for a walk and hang out in the sun. The buildings have much more character than other parts of Copenhagen.

Here is an example of a cool looking building…and in the back, a bright, clear sky day :)

Here are the buildings located across the big red building you see above. I bought my lunch here actually. There falafel pitas are A+ and cost 5DKK less than normal.

After our walk around Nørrebro, my roommates and I stopped by the park that we originally wanted to see—Superkilen! We initially thought it was a bad decision because of the snow-covered ground…however, we managed to get some decent photos. Here is one:

We then spent the rest of the day hanging out at the nearby café, hanging out, and appreciating the beauty of Nørrebro. We had a nice cup of tea and hygge-ing up—hygge is a Danish word for cozy, not a direct translate to that but very close. During my bike home, I was able to capture some awesome pictures that makes me fall in love with Copenhagen even more.

On the way home:

The lake after the sun has set: