I Never Thought This Would Happen to Me

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Losing my Phone in Costa Rica

I lost my phone in Costa Rica. Two weeks left and I lost my phone. I didn’t want to become part of the stats of people who lost something overseas.

How I lost it

I was walking on the beach with my phone in my coveralls. The beaches of Costa Rica are combined forest and beach. This beach was no exception. Although, the trees of this beach was closer to the shore. To get out of the woods/beach, we had to duck many branches and try not to be washed away by the water. My phone had slipped out of my big front pocket during this obstacle course. I never saw it again

The After Effects

I was extremely sad after realizing my phone was really gone. I felt that my phone was my emergency. In a country that is not my own, yes it was my emergency. My form of communication, my map, and my security. I had many resources that I was constantly using in order to get around, and without it I would be handicap.

Maybe it’s a good thing?

After telling my dad and my boyfriend, the two most important men in my life, they told me everything will be fine. Losing the phone is not a big deal as I can get a new one. After some thought, I realized that there’s not much that I lost. I always send my adventures to my boyfriend, so he has all the photos and I contact most of my friends though Facebook. Everything was going to be okay, maybe even better than okay. I will have to talk to people to get around and pay more attention to my surrounding now that I don’t have any tools to distract me or make me feel secure. Well the first test of this is to go on a hike without it… yikes…