Natural Beauty

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With each passing day, I find the month of April flying by and, more importantly, that my time here in Spain is rapidly coming to a close. It’s difficult to believe that my semester in Oviedo ends in about two weeks. When you factor our program-sponsored trip to Picos de Europa, the mountainous region in Asturias, it seems like I have even less time! I have been paying close attention to the passage of time while studying here as to ensure that I am accomplishing all that I want to and savoring each sweet moment. I must say, however, that I didn’t expect the end to approach so quickly and suddenly!

In the name of making the most out of my remaining time here, I chose to spend some alone time in Oviedo’s largest park, Parque de Invierno. This park is about a 30-minute walk from my house and located outside of the areas I typically travel, so this was my first experience visiting. Although Oviedo is a pretty small city, it still comes as a surprise to me when I discover new places—this time being the park.

It was 65 and sunny on the afternoon that I stumbled upon the park.  We haven’t seen too many sunny days like that this semester! However, now that it’s mid-April, the weather is beginning to take a turn for the better. The temperature this past week had been the highest since I arrived in Spain, reaching low-to-mid 70s. After 4 months, the time finally arrived for me to whip out my sunglasses and put on some sunscreen.

Since it rains so often in Asturias, people tend to take advantage of the beautiful weather. There were so many people at Parque de Invierno soaking in the sun. I, myself, enjoyed absorbing the community atmosphere at the park as I walked, read, listened to music, and simply enjoyed the day. For someone who enjoys taking walks, I surprisingly never discovered this beautiful, tranquil place before this week.

Although there are a variety of great parks in Oviedo, this one is by far my favorite. It almost seems like it could have won some “community park design contest” in a magazine, because it’s really too good to be true!  (You know what I mean, right? No? Hear me out.)

The park really has something for everyone– I don’t think I’ve ever seen a park with such diverse and interesting amenities. It includes play areas for children, numerous walking paths that extends across small bridges and toward trails, and basketball courts. There are also some hidden gems: an entire track and field, a skate park, a rock wall, a walking maze made out of hedges, and even an area with outdoor workout equipment. There are also breathtaking snow-capped mountains in the distance!

Parque de Invierno is like no other! This is just one of the many amazing places that Oviedo has to offer.