My Return to the States

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The University of Rennes hosted an evening where we could learn about wine and cheese in French.

Now that I have finally resettled back into the States, I noticed that I have been suffering from a severe case of withdrawals.

I miss absolutely everything about Europe.

Each day I think of the people, my friends, the food, my French classes, the old world architecture, the sunny beaches, the fairy tale-like forests, being able to enjoy the simplistic pleasures of reading a book outdoors or having a coffee and croissant at a café, always listening to the various languages spoken all around me, learning the historic content of the cities I am visiting, being able to walk everywhere, or waking up and knowing that each day would be different and filled with new adventures.

Fortunately, I do happen to live in Austin, Texas. Despite the incorrect views of many of my European friends, Austin is not a desolate city that is filled with cowboys, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, cows, deserts, and guns. (Well…okay we do have guns!) However, Austin is a vibrant city filled with music, art, festivals, food, local businesses, hiking, kayaking, swimming, and brimming with creativity.

Now that I have returned, I am actively trying to combine my two worlds by continuing with my explorations, immersing myself in cultural events, and staying active by going outside everyday despite the 100-degree weather.

After studying abroad in France for a month and venturing later on my own to other countries, I have regained my love for independence and confidence of going into the unknown. My wanderlust for traveling and adventure has been reignited so much that I am already in the works of planning my next destination.

This experience has been more than I ever expected, and I feel like I can carry forward my knowledge of French and the connections I have made into my future field of International Relations.

Thank you to Fund for Education Abroad for helping me achieve my dreams.