MOSCOW!! Flight and Day 1!

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My flight to Moscow, and first day experience.  Wow..well ok, where should I begin? 

            So I left MIA Friday morning to New York, then from New York to Moscow on the Russian Airlines “Aeroflot”.  I was put in a little bit of a jiffy at JFK Airport in NY. They said that traveler size liquids where 3.5 ounces. but last time I checked the TSA website it was 4, and I had no problems in Miami so that was weird. After that everything was fine…until I hit SVO airport in Moscow. (But more of that later). At least the Gate for Aeroflot was right next to the Japanese airlines, so I got to see a lot of Nihonjin, and nearly melted every time someone walked by.(I know, I have some pretty odd quirks..><)        I must admit I was a little bit disappointed with the flight. I thought there was going to be electrical outlets, like when I went to Japan, but apparently on Aeroflot only first class gets them. It also didn’t help that there was a crying baby right next to me and a few little kids running around. (yes…apparently it is ok for children to wander around aimlessly on the Aeroflot planes hehe.) I had finally found a comfortable position to sleep in (With my head on the food tray, since there was no one sitting in front of me) and when I was about to fall asleep, this little kid jumps into the seat and starts moving the seat back and forth, so of course I was no longer able to rest. Luckily the flight was not as long as expected. Once I arrived at Moscow (SVO) Airport, I was not allowed to get through since I did not have a immigration card filled out. I was able to find out where to get one, but it took me 3 tries to get it right. finally after about 20 minutes I was able to go through.


Once I got the last of my luggage I headed out hoping to find my ride. (I will admit I was freaking out wondering “What if they forget, or what if I can’t find them!) luckily Mr.Dimitri was there holding my “Alejandro Romero” sign. (I would have taken a picture, but had seconds thoughts after realizing it may have been a rude welcoming). Mr.Dimitri drove me to my Dorms, and once I was settled in I was greeted by Mrs.Lyena, the student coordinator who showed me around and took me to the nearest Supermarket, Outlet shopping center, McDonalds and Metro station. She also showed me where my classes would be located.  After that she left me on my own.


Physically drained from the long flight I wanted to just crash. But I figured it would be best to shower first then finish packing my stuff. btw (by the way) as soon as I pluged in my converter and blow-dryer, they blew up :( luckily my laptop did not share the same fate.) I took a nice 2 hour nap and then had a little adventure on my own as I walked to McDonalds and ordered in Russian all by myself. It didn’t go as smooth as I had hoped, because I had forgotten the word for potato was kartoshka (картошка) so when she asked if I wanted fries, I couldn’t understand her, and at that moment she smiled and knew I was a foreigner :P.  Once I returned, I rummaged through all the stuff in the bathroom and kitchen hoping that I could find an Iron that one of the old American students left behind (My whole floor (9th) is dedicated just to American Students. But I was the only one here atm (at the moment).) but, unfortunately no iron. I did however find a lot of useful things including a Russian blow dryer, some shampoo and an alarm clock. (now I don’t have to buy my own hehe =P.) I also found some tea, so now I can scratch that off my list of things to buy, but I am going to try and get a plastic container/pitcher so I can keep some in my little dorm fridge.


Btw I was the first American to arrive here. I heard the next guy or girl was supposed to arrive last night, but I haven’t ran into them. Two more are supposed to arrive today. Hope I meet them soon… its lonely here on the 9th floor all by myself.


P.S   Please take the time to Enjoy all the pictures I attach to this blog, I will try to put captions on them so you know what you are looking at and why I found them Interesting.