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Today I am happy to write this blog on Valentines Day here in Korea. Korean people celebrate this day a little differently than people do in the west. On this day women present men with chocolates. (Also co-workers exchange chocolates as well) This tradition may sound a little one way and sided in favor of the men. However, White Day follows exactly a month after Valentines Day. White Day is the day that men are supposed to reciprocate their gifts to their loves. Usually men spend a lot of money because they have a biological tendency to show off. White Day is very commercialized, “If you don’t spend enough money, that means you don’t love her enough.”

I was anticipating this day to quietly pass. I thought that in no way I am worthy of being given chocolate from a Korean woman. Much to my surprise I was given chocolate by my crush. She is such a sweet woman. We have been meeting for over six months every week to study Korean and English. She is my language exchange partner. However, I tend to avoid this term because it is a euphemism for, “sex partner.” Next month on March 14, I will purchase chocolate and flowers. I love this woman a lot because not only does she teach me useful Korean language skills, but she also teaches me righteous thought and behavior. I want to ask her to be my girlfriend. I do not have the intention of dating her just for something to do. I have become familiar enough with her attitudes and behaviors to conclude that she is the type of person that I could happily spend the rest of my life with.

Right now I have a fever and sickness. I think I got sick as a result of fatigue and using public transportation. On the subway the people cough and sneeze often without covering themselves. It is so hot and crowded the germ filled condensation collects of the windows. I feel like I am going to school everyday inside a huge contaminated petri dish.

Below is a pic of my chocolate, I will also put an interesting link about a few brief details explaining Korean Valentines Day.