Midterms: UK Edition

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Midterm week was especially stressful this semester. One thing to note about three hour classes: expect three hour exams. I’ve never dreaded a testing day more (except for maybe the SAT’s) but truly, it was the extra projects that made the week unbearable. There were a lot of essays and presentations due all at once which was overwhelming, to say the least. A few days prior, I visited the British Library for the first time, and this is where I did the bulk of my studying. I find that getting out of my room and away from the temptation that is crawling into bed, I’m able to get far more work done. Most museums and libraries in London have free entry and this includes the British Library. If you want access to the old and rare stuff, you’ll need to apply for a readers pass. But, if you just want a place to sit and study for a while, you can just walk straight in and find a seat. There were a lot of people in the library but considering how famous this location is, I wasn’t surprised. It was still a great experience for me and I was able to finish a ton of work over the course of a few hours. Also, I have a Pret subscription, which basically means I drink a lot of coffee. If you’re coming to London or you’re already here, I’d 100% recommend getting a Pret subscription. It’s 25 pounds a month for unlimited hot drinks and smoothies (12.50 for your first month). And as someone who stops at Pret twice a day, Monday through Thursday, it is worth every penny. So, my week was spent in the books with a latte in hand, trying to figure out the difference between the predisposed environmental and biological factors of crime. Speaking of Pret and exams, if you find one of the bigger shops, it is another great place to get some studying done. The one near my university building has booths and tables, and sometimes I’ll go after class to write. I enjoy the fact that there is some noise but not too much to where I can’t focus. Day one of midterms was the most chaotic for me because I have two classes that day. I had to take exams for both classes which I was very nervous about. Personally, I get mild test anxiety and I always convince myself I’m not prepared. Luckily, I did alright and I was just thankful to get it over with. For days two and three, I had to turn in research essays and complete a presentation in front of the class. I started to work on these at the library so I had a good foundation and structure that helped me when putting it all together. Eventually, the week was over and a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. Now, I just have to prepare for the dreaded finals week that is quickly approaching.