Midterms, Maps and Taco Bell

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A month flew by in Delhi and in a week we will find ourselves in a whole different world of Mumbai. Currently, for spring break, I am relaxing and recharging in Bangkok, a city that I can’t help but be happy in. After a fun few days of Delhi belly that put me out for two days, I buckled down for our midterm.

This time, I decided to have a little fun with our midterm and I thought I would share some bits and pieces of it with you. It was a three-part midterm and one section asked for a map of our experience in Delhi and a map of someone’s experience living in Delhi. I met many people in Delhi who were so kind but one person stood out. His kindness was contagious and his smile when talking about his daughter was forever memorable.

I decided to map out his experience as a migrant worker in Delhi, from the bits and pieces I gather from our short conversation in my Uber ride.

I omitted his name for various reasons.

As you can see, he is yearning to go back to the place he calls home. He wants to bring his new life, the happy addition of his wife and daughter, back to Nepal so they can live in the place they feel most belonging so their daughter can feel the same way. Some other migrant workers feel similarly, facing discrimination and harsh attitudes towards them in their daily lives.

There are constant and inherent hardships migrant workers and refugees endure in their new lives in the various countries that will accept them. But, many are lucky to find opportunities more sustainable for their future in their new homes allowing them to have hope and stability.

This part of my midterm allowed me to feel more of a connection to Delhi, solidifying the paths I traveled and my general sense of direction in Delhi. It allowed me to reflect on the spaces I enjoyed most and why I spent time there. Was there better wifi in Defence Colony? Yeah. Was there amazing food and cute shops in Saket- absolutely. Did the craft museum make me feel closer to my mother’s passions and perhaps my namesake? I don’t know, but I think so. And did I miss Taco Bell with all my heart? Sadly, yes. And I truly recommend Taco Bell in India if you are feeling nostalgic for late nights going through the Taco Bell drive through with your friends like I am. The tikka masala burrito is amazing along with almost everything else they have. Don’t worry, I only went twice but I heard there is a Taco Bell in Mumbai, so I might have to check it out.

All in all, I feel grateful for the opportunity and creative freedom with this portion of the midterm so I could have a little more therapeutic fun than our regular essays and tests. Its encouraged us to leave the comfort of our hotel rooms and explore more while also encouraging us to reflect on our experiences and explorations in Delhi. I loved my time in Delhi and I am so excited to see more of India’s diverse history and culture.

I had to share my auto-rickshaw that turned into a taco.